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What does the Quran say about the Oceans and Sea?

Modern Science has discovered that in the places where two different seas meet, there is a barrier between them. This barrier divides the two seas so that each sea has its own temperature, salinity, and density. The example of this is where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Figure 1

The Mediterranean sea water as it enters the Atlantic over the Gibraltar sill with its own warm, saline, and less dense characteristics, because of the barrier that distinguishes between them. Temperatures are in degrees Celsius (C°). (Marine Geology, Kuenen, p. 43, with a slight enhancement)

Although there are large waves, strong currents, and tides in these seas, they do not mix or transgress this barrier. The Holy Quran mentions that there is a barrier between two seas that meet and that they do not transgress.

God Almighty has said in the Quran:

He released the two seas, meeting [side by side]; between them is a barrier [so] neither of them transgresses.

(Quran 55:19-20)

When the Quran speaks about the divider between fresh and salt water, it mentions the existence of “a prohibiting partition” with the barrier.

God Almighty has said in the Quran:

And it is He who has released [simultaneously] the two seas [i.e. bodies of water], one fresh and sweet and one salty and bitter, and He placed between them a barrier and prohibiting partition.

(Quran 25:53)

The question we are left to answer, is how could this fact be so accurately mentioned in any book dating back over 1400 years ago? The fact of the matter is that this claim is so confidently made in a book which is believed to the be the word of the Creator. If this is not evidence that the Quran is the word of God, then what is?



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