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Dr Mustafa Khattab

As-salamu alaikum! [Peace be upon You]

Many Muslim families in the West are keen on getting their children to memorize the Quran in Arabic, the original language of revelation. However, most Muslims don’t speak or understand Arabic, making it challenging for many young Muslims to connect with the Quran and understand its message.

Recently, I came across a copy of the Quran for children with the Arabic text on one page and the English meaning on the other. To my surprise, the English text was none other than Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s 1934 original translation, written in a dense, archaic style—which is difficult for even college graduates to understand, let alone a 7-year-old!

Al-hamdu-lillah, my original translation, The Clear Quran [2015], has been well-received, and many Islamic schools in North America are using it for grade 5 and up. Now is the time to produce an easier translation for younger students.

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