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The NEWEST New Muslim Gift Pack

Want to know what EMBRACE is all about?


Equipped with all the resources needed to help anyone understand the fundamentals of Islam

Quran - English Translation
Guided Prayer Mat
Quran USB
New Muslim Guide
This Is Islam
Scientific Truths in the Quran
Fortress of the Muslim
Quran - Mushaf
English Quran - Pocket Size
Pen & Bookmark
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Want a share in the reward?

for only $90 each gift pack - get the reward of a 'sadaqa jariya'; an ongoing charity for empowering someone with knowledge

Account Donation

Name   Project Quran

BSB      082343

ACCT   432548328

Online Donation

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for corporate sponsorships or to partner with us

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If Allah guides a person through you, it is better for you than all that is on the Earth.


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This gift packs will be distributed all over Australia - In Shaa Allah


Our aim is to ensure that New Muslims are well equiped with the resources to help them EMBRACE Islam throughout their new journey.

New Muslim Classes
Online Requests
Dawah Centres

Our Dawah Partners

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