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Read by Billions

Memorised by Millions

the book that shook the world

"and He found you lost and guided you"

Quran 93:7


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English Quran Gift Pack

Free Quran distribution online, at mosque open days, dawah centres, schools and more.

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New Muslim Gift Pack

The perfect gift for New Muslims. Equipped with books and resources to get their journey started.

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Islamic Pamphlets

Informative Dawah Info

Thousands of pamphlets printed and distributed yearly through the support of our Dawah Partners.

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Inmates Support

Chaplain resource support

We support thousands of Muslims with much needed resources to help them re-connect with Islam.

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School Workshops

Empowering our Youth

Offering School excursions and incursions to teach children about important concepts in Islam.

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Islamic Recycling


A service to correctly dispose of old/damaged Islamic Literature.

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Annual Revert Iftaar

A night to Celebrate

An Annual Iftar to celebrate the Holy of Month of Ramadan with the Muslim Revert Community.

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Islamic Gift Packs

Empowering with the Quran

We currently gift this to people in Rehab services and youth in Foster Care.

Best Selling Products

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English Quran

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New Muslim Guide


Guided Prayer Mat


Kids Quran

Check out our online store for many more great products.

Thinking of becoming a Muslim?

We have a dedicated page with some information and FAQs that might answer some of your questions.

I want to talk with someone to help me take the step to become a Muslim.

Where we distribute


Online Orders


Dawah Stalls


Mosque Open Days





School Students


Prison Inmates

We have also had the opportunity to support organisations overseas - Alhamdulilah!

This is the Book about which

there is no doubt!

The Quran is the word of the Ever-living God; it has been sent down to guide humanity for all times to come. No book can be like it. It is the en­counter of life with the Life-giver.


we have reached thousands through our dedicated website

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support Project Quran with $10 a week

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Our Dawah Partners

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Want to join these amazing organisations? Become a sponsor or distributor

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