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Scientific Truths

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A short book that will blow your mind away! - A summary of scientific truths that can be found in the Quran. Perfect for someone who wants to dig deep into the messages in the Quran .. or maybe someone who might have doubts in the Miracle of the Quran.

Some of the most significant scientific truths foretold in the Qur'an are analysed - these include:

- The 'Big Bang Theory' - Historic Preamble
- The Expanding Universe
- Early Universe in a state of 'Smoke'
- Spacetime - "Papyrus Scroll"
- The Orbital Movement of the Sun and the Moon
- The Spherical Shape of the Earth
- The Lowest Point on Earth
- The Qur'an on Mountains
- The Qur'an on the Origin of Life in Water
- The Qur'an on Seas and Rivers
- Light and Levels of Darkness in the Oceans
- The Qur'an on Duality in Creation
- The Uniqueness of Fingertips
- The Skin - Sensation of Pain

ISBN: 978-0-9548665-6-3
Weight: 0.25 kg
Width: 13.8 cm
Height: 21.6 cm
Language: English
Translator: A.B Al-Merhi
Media Type: Softcover
Pages: 110

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