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Here you can order a FREE copy of the Quran [English Translation] for yourself, for a loved one or a friend. We also have other resources available to purchase.

All money generated from these products will be reinvested into Project Quran initiatives.

Quran for Kids - Vol 1 - 4

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Brand: The Clear Quran

Purchase Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4

Volume 1 covers Surah 1, and 49-114
Volume 2 covers Surahs 29 - 48
Volume 3 covers Surahs 10 - 28
Volume 4 covers Surahs 1 - 9

Designed with Muslim children in mind, this illustrated Quran [with English Translation] introduces young Muslims to the Quran. It is designed almost like a school textbook, with learning points, feature boxes, notes, context and further explanation. It provides answers to some of our kids’ most challenging questions about their faith, the Creator, and the world around them.

Teach your kids the Quran through learning steps, lessons to be learned and side stories. This children's Quran will ensure that your children [and even you] learn all the lessons behind the verses you are studying.

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